Following the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday 11 July to extend the lockdown under Level 4 of the country by 14 days in order to slow down and manage the extent of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), ASA has taken the decision to extend the suspension of all athletics activities until 26 July 2021. In complying with the government declaration, as a responsible federation, ASA once again recognises the importance of putting lives first, announced James Moloi, the President of ASA. "The protection of all lives supersedes everything else. Let us save our families, communities and fellow citizens. We are going to be guided by the national government on the way going forward until is it safe for us to resume. We urge everyone to join hands with the Government to fight this pandemic by obeying regulations of the lockdown. ASA will review and give more information from 26 July 2021 on the way forward, depending on the status of the virus in the country at the time. The federation has the best interest and well-being of athletes, officials, spectators, supporters and our communities who are all our top priority. Provinces are requested to continue providing the relevant assistance to their athletes and coaches, and to urge them to continue with their preparations for all their postponed events so that they are ready when they are resumed. Let us adhere to the basic health protocols of ASA and the national government in order to save each other by keeping our masks on in public, washing of hands, use of sanitisers, avoid non-essential travel, social distancing, non-shaking of hands and hugs.