What parents have to say about Ultra!

Aslm everyone
I Nadeema Parker would like to say something about my experiences with Ultra Athletcs Club
When Tashriq started off at Ultra he was and very very less motivated person and an anti social person
With the help of his new parents he adopted in Ultra he became highly motivated and an social person
Shukraan to the role players coach Gabieba,Coach Waleed and Tauhira for motivating him with in his school work at the time and his sports career that grew wow.
It took Tashriq 3 years to achieve where he is today and I've cried😒 many tears with him and we've had many talks together with his coaches
Algumdulilah Shukraan πŸ€²πŸΌπŸ“ΏπŸ€²πŸΌ And then a few years after Tashriq was running for Ultra they stole my other son lmklaa Suhail
This is not just a Athletic team it's family. Family stands together even if it means being hard on each other
I'll recommend UAC ultra anytime to anyone as the role players helped both my son's through Matric by motivating them and making Dua for them


My experience at the club: the warm welcome you receive when you join the club. Coaches always push the athletes to do their best and always have fun and enjoy. When I first brought my son to the club in October of 2017, it was the right time but then I learnt that an athlete needed to train from the begining of the year and from that time my son and I learnt new things about the sport. I think I made the best choice to put him at Ultra. I will recommend others to the ultra club
Carmenita Abrahams


Furqaan has been with Ultra Athletic Club since 2018 and it has been a journey for both myself and him as I have seen the training given by both coach Gabieba and coach Waleed helping him getting the technique and speed.
I have followed the little athletic program and attended every meeting and there I saw what the training is doing for furqaan. There was a huge difference in how he was running a year before I started. I trusted the program whole heartedly for whatever decision was made by the coaches was for his best to improve furqaans performance mentally and physically

He then went from strength to strength. I could see a difference in Furqaan as he began to take his sport seriously. He became more responsible and focussed when he trusted the training and program just like me. I saw some maturity in Furqaan becoming more disciplined. Ultra athletic club really done wonders for him as a young boy I have no regrets letting him join the club for I have seen an introvert starting to find himself as he became more talkative. The club spectators is like a family. When we together we have fun we like a real family. At anytime I would recommend kids to join this wonderful club as I have also been recommended and I'm going no where for this is what I can call a home away from home. Successful people don't become that way overnight. It takes hard work and determination. The club really teach u to learn more from failure and how to make a success out of those failures.

Ruwayda Jacobs


Initials Thoughts:
We expected the club to focus on its premier athletes.To treat the senior athletes different to its junior or little athletes. We will join a club with existing clicks

My current experience: Ultra is definitely a family club. You feel included in every club event like socials, extracurricular events, etc;
Every athlete gets the same amount & time of attention. The achievers in the club & non achievers are recognized in different ways. Everyone makes you feel at home irrespective of your beliefs, convictions, background, etc. Parents are continuously updated on their progress of their kid. At Ultra its NOT all about the athlete...it's also about the parents,  the family, their school progress....a HOLISTIC approach that ultimately leads to the wellbeing of the athlete πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

Final Thoughts:
We compete in the Boland schools system but we will always be part of the Ultra family.

Ralph Keys


It is just over a year ago since we joined Ultra Athletics Club.  Zayd my son, has always been a very active and energetic child growing up.

I felt that he was not getting enough exposure in his Athletics,  as his current school at the time, only participated in the Inter House and not in the Inter School,  leaving a huge void.

On the first day of training with Ultra I witnessed for the very first time a Biomechanics Warm Up Session.  One of the Athletes was assigned to Zayd to show and demonstrate to him the method behind each Biomechanic step or stretch.  

At the end of the first session Coach Waleed asked my son whether he would like to join and made it clear that it's a lot of dedication and hard work but the decision must ultimately come from him.

Over the last year, Zayd has become more focused and driven since joining the club.  Ultra Athletics Club has a very professional approach in the way the club operates with a family orientated unified vibe which makes it very special.  Some of the buzz words I learnt " One Team One Dream..".

With all the proper training equipment and a fully fledged dynamic website and personalised Athlete portals whereby athletes can monitor their own performance, Ultra is cutting edge.  I am really happy to be part of this dynamic club and would love to see it grow from strength to strength.

Adiel Isaacs



Our son Zamaan has only been with the club since 8 June 2019. We have already noticed a huge, positive change in him. He is more focused and assertive in what he does. We have always supported all of our children in any of their dreams, goals and passions in order to get the best out of their potential. Zamaan told us he enjoys athletics at school and that is how and why we enrolled him at "Ultra Athletics Club".We thought this would be the best way to channel his passion in a professional and constructive manner. We couldn't be more proud of Zamaan in what he has achieved in a very short time with "Ultra Athletics Club" and the potential of what can still be achieved in the foreseeable future. At the athletics competitions it is clear to see that  "Ultra Athletics Club" is a club to be reckon with, not only with results, but their ethos of family, discipline and hard work  makes them shine above the rest. Zamaan is extremely happy to be a part of the "Ultra Athletics Club" family and we would not hesitate to recommend any parent to enrol their children with "Ultra Athletics Club".

Faizel and Washiela Kamrodien


As we didn't know anything about anyone the club the initial feeling of the club was very inviting as everybody treated everybody like your family, like they've known each other forever even though we had just started at the club we later came to know that some were Western Province Champions and South African Champion athletes, you'd never say because they're very down-to-earth and respectful.

Routines are planned in advance, but with Head Coach Waleed experience he is able to change the routines according to the athlete's mindset on the day. There is a good vibe amongst the Athletes and Coaches. My son enjoys the training and looks forward to training with his teammates. Athletes are taught how to warm up and stretch before any routine. And also, to cool down after an event to prevent any injuries. In the event you do get injured, you will receive a recovery plan to get you back into shape. In less than 1 year my son has past his expectations for the season. He is stronger and faster and managed to pickup a few personal bests and some medals. Attaining his Western Province and Western Cape colors in the process , not bad for a beginner!

Coaches +- 25 years' experience shows on the training ground and his results speak for themselves.

If you can dedicate yourself to a year long training schedule Monday – Thursday, some Saturdays, Come Rain or Shine then I highly recommend Ultra Athletics Club to take your potential to the next level.

Ashraf Mallum