Parks allowed to open for exercise

Following the latest address by our president, a number of restrictions will be put in place to stem the rapid spread of the corona virus as it reaches its peak in our country. President Ramaphosa has announced the sale, purchase and distribution of alcohol has been suspended with immediate effect. This is to ensure that alcohol-related trauma does not strain the stretched hospital resources. A curfew will be put in place for between 9 pm and 4 am. Curfew to take effect on Monday, 13 July 2020. Parks will be allowed to open for excercise as its deemed a lower risk factor however no publice gatherings will be allowed. The wearing of masks is compulsory and will be strictly enforced.Ramaphosa says building owners are now legally obliged to require people to wear face masks.Ramaphosa: Long distance taxi trips will have to adhere to 70% load capacity while short trips will increase to 100%. Ramaphosa says this will only happen if the taxi industry to adhere to safety regulations. Cabinet has decided country will remain at alert level 3.The advice we received is that taking this decision will not result in major decline in infections. in several provinces, some people can receive their COVID-19 test results via WhatsApp and details required. Ramaphosa says this can help make the work of healthcare workers much more easier.