ASA Athletes on olympic squad allowed to commence training

Dear Members
ASA Circular 35 and 36 has bearing. The latest update on the COVID-19 (Level-3) Regulationsas published in the Government Gazette of 6 July 2020, has bearing.With reference to the latest update of the COVID-19 (Level-3) Regulations,the Olympic Squad received permission to commence with their training. As a point of clarity,ASA Provinces can now negotiate with the respective stadiums, in municipal areas, wherethe Olympic Athletes resides in the respective provinces, to obtain clearance for the stadium to open for the mentioned athletes, in accordance with the COVID-19 (Level-3) Regulations.Please note that although the athletes in the Olympic Squad can commence with their training, they will do so on their own accord, and take full responsibility in doing so. ASA would like to thank the Provinces whom have already facilitated the openingof stadiums for athletes on the Olympic Squad residing in their domicile areas.
Yours Sincerely

Aleck Skhosana