Swiss and French Collaboration

A wonderful opportunity arose when Athletes were invited via the Ultra Academy structure to Switzerland to partake in an international collaboration. Always believe that when you do good, it will always come back and reward you. Fyling into Geneva opened up new opportunities for athletes and coaches to experience life and athletics from a different perspective. Being able to train at the high performance centre,collaborating with an international school, having a session with the French and Swiss team as a start of a beautiful friendship and to forge relationships for the future. For athletes the highlight was definately being able to step onto the track at Lausanne which hosts one of the diamond league circuits and olympic games and for coaches an opportunity to network and share with fellow coaches. From a tourist perspective the team had the opportunity to experience the transporation system like the trams, trains and busses amongst other things which are very efficient. Swiss and French cuisine as well as spectacular scenary is a daily bonus. Long walks and opportunites to take thousands of pictures to hold memories for years to come is the order of the day. The hospitality and assistance given is overwhelming and the opportunity to meet up with amazing people whos limits knows no bounds especially from fellow South Africans leads one to believe that there is still hope for humanity. The cherry on top was having the South African ambassador with his team host our squad for snacks and an opportunity to engage with them on a personal level. Viva South Africa.