Ultra Ac awards 2021

Another milestone achieved and another successfull event. With the trend set by the youth one can rest assured that the club will continue to achieve great heights. Hats off to the two master of ceremonies Tauhira Donough and Tashriq Parker for their lively rendition of the opening song Golden eye and for keeping the audience entertained. A shout out to Mikhail Manasse for his speech he delivered and not forgetting the crowning moment of Mr and Miss Ultra Mudjaahida Darries and Zayd Isaacs. Congratulations to all the recipients as you have worked hard to achieve your goals. A special mention to the best dress awardees Mr and .Mrs Theunis as well as Yaaseen Hajwani and Imaan keet.Well done to Jarred Arendse for his bst pb achievement. To the new team captains Jamie Field and Mikhail Manasse we salute you. We honour the top achievers in the likes of Saeed Mullim, Yaaseen Hajwani, Qaadirah Crous, Furqaan Jacobs,Ameerah Donough and Jamie field. Looking forward to the next chapter for Ultra